Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The official tagline for Disneyland is "The Happiest Place On Earth". And yep! They didn't disappoint. I "almost" had a perfect day in our Disneyland journey except for one thing that I will reveal later, so keep on reading ;P

Ahhh... the disney MTR is all pimped out, everything is in disney theme, even the windows. How adorable! Say hello to Chip and Dale behind us. :D

A not-so hidden Mickey.

There's a funny story behind this picture, I know it's nothing unusual here, just three friends taking a picture in  a CR's huge mirror BUT we didn't know it wasn't allowed, so we ended up being yelled at by the lady janitor and she "shoo-ed" us using her mop. So basically, we were kicked out of the restroom lol how embarrassing is that?? 

Toy Story Land was the first of 3 new themed zones for the major expansion project at HK Disneyland. There are 3 rides at Toy Story Land and I'm proud to say that I was brave enough to try 2 of them :P Adults and brave children will enjoy RC Racer, it's a shuttle roller coaster that goes up and down a half-pipe track, I must admit I was fairly scared of this ride because it brought back memories of my childhood nightmare where I kept on falling from the sky! And then there's this seemingly childish and boring Toy Soldier Parachute Drop ride, we definitely underestimated this ride and we paid the price lol Watch us scream our hearts out in my vlog :

Scaredy cats.

Suuuuuper fake smile! haha. The anticipation was killing me!

And here's a much safer ride, but the waiting line was just insane! We waited for more or less an hour for a 10-15 minute drive. Sheesh!

I was wishing on a wishing well for Chinggay not to fall over lol It worked! :P

Tarzan's tree house.

I can eat cotton candies all day long! And yep, the handle lights up! So cool :D

Space Mountain. This is not a good ride for people with severe motion sickness [or lack of sleep like me]. Remember in the beginning I said there was an exception for this day to be perfect? Well this is the reason lol  It was a terrible idea that we've decided to ride this at the very end of our Disney adventure right before the famous fireworks. I was 100% sure that I will cry like a little baby when I'll see the fireworks and all but noooo my head was still spinning from the ride, so I didn't really bond with my inner child [thanx Russ and Chinggz for not letting me sleep the night before hmp! lol] The "EXIT" message wasn't posted there to creep you out or anything, it was actually a pretty good advice once you were in there and have doubts if you can handle the ride, I really should've listened to the little voice inside my head and backed out. If you're into space/galaxy themed roller coasters and had enough sleep, then this ride will be amazing! But me? that will be my first and last ride :P

This is our "we survived the rides" pose.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Eating mickey ice creams while waiting for the beautiful fireworks!

I didn't want to wear the typical Mickey ears, so I bought this cute hat a day before so I will stand out from the disney crowd :P 

From Hong Kong fox hat
COTTON ON buttondown 
H&M bag
ESPRIT pullover
CASIO watch
FETISH shades

Check out my HK vlog here :

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