Friday, March 29, 2013


I'm the master of late posts because this post is two months too late! (boooooooooo!)

Anyway, Mayo Wo of is one of my favorite bloggers! (I actually only have 2, the other one is Camille Co of I didn't get enough sleep the night before because I was way too excited to meet her and I was also not feeling well because of our crazy Disneyland trip.

We woke up a bit later than usual  and we were out and about to look for something to eat. So here I am wearing my trusty oversized shades to hide my oversized eyebags. 

I guess we arrived a little early because not all menus are posted up, but we just couldn't wait anymore because we were starving! I chose beef curry and rice :) Yum!

My new fave! Soooooo yummy! I needed my caffeine to keep me awake until my meet-up with Mayo Wo at 5:30pm.

Perfect match!

This is it! I'm going to meet Mayo Wo in more or less an hour!

I'm obviously enjoying these elevator selfies haha..

It was so hard to take outfit shots in Time Square because there were so many people!

See?? Ugh! Waaaaaa!

Okay, I'll just take a quick outfit shot at the railings. Please don't mind the man behind me lol :P

H&M blazer
COTTON ON buttondown
HUMAN skirt
H&M bag

She arrived! I have to say this was one of the highlights of my trip to Hong Kong. I was very anxious to meet her because I was worried I might not understand her accent and I will just stand there looking like a complete idiot doing a guessing game inside my head. Boy was I wrong! Her english was super fluent and her accent was awesome :) I should've anticipated this because I know she's a teacher. She was so nice and sweet and very pretty! I am now a bigger fan after meeting her face to face :)


This was 1 of our "normal" dinners. No sushi-go-round, no streetfood as a dinner replacement, no pizza,  just good ol' pinoy-style dinner where there's rice, fish and "pancit" (stir-fried noodles). Although the steamed fish was so fresh and delicious, I have to say that the Beef Pan fried noodles was the best hands down. The thin egg noodles was pan fried while fresh so that they get crispy and cooked through without needing to boil them first, and they serve as the perfect medium for absorbing the gravy as well. For those who are more adventurous, you can try the stir-FIRED frog lol I didn't dare ask if it was just a typographical error or do they really gun down the frogs while stirring :P Check out the other yummy food we ate in my vlog :


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