Monday, February 25, 2013


Yes, I know, another late post. Please excuse my tardiness because I got hooked with Instagram since it's a lot easier for me to just post my newest photos there without having to write anything or put any captions (I'm lazy like that.) But then again,  I missed having to do all the extra efforts, so here I am :P Anyway, back to my post, after scanning through the pictures I got during my third day in Hong Kong, I've realized that it seems like all we did that day was eat lol

So many to choose from! *drools*

My favorite from this section is the one in the middle, crab balls!

And from this section is the one nearest to the cups/bowls, pig intestines! I also like the squid but it was cold and kind of slimy so it shocked my taste buds when I first bit the tentacles because I was expecting it to be hot. I even blew it first before biting lol so embarrassing.
A typical brunch for us here in the Philippines will be a slice or 2 of our favorite bread, omelette, ham/tocino/chorizo, coffee/juice, basically a normal breakfast with bigger portions. But in HK our brunch is a large bowl of mixed organs lol oh and a nice cold iced tea ;) 

The main reason why we went to Tsim Sha Tsui was to eat at my favorite restaurant, Gengki Sushi! But it was still closed when we get there, that explains the quick brunch we had because we were starving! So while waiting, we've decided to go around the block and check out some awesome stores.

Shopper mode. DO-NOT-DISTURB!

Finally! So this is sushi-go-round. These are sushi restaurants where the plates with the sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt that winds through the restaurant and moves past every table and counter seat. You can pick up the ones that you like and --- well, eat them! :P The bill is calculated by counting the number and type of plates of the consumed sushi. Plates with different colors, patterns, or shapes have different prices :) I usually pick the cheap ones so I can eat more, more and more! lol Sushi-go-round is very famous in Japan, and it is now available almost everywhere, including Hong Kong and the Philippines (yay!)

While I was in an "Instagrammer mode", my friend, Chinggay, was obviously ready to dig in, she was definitely in her "eater mode".

H&M hat
H&M bag
COTTON ON sleeveless
ESPRIT pullover
CASIO watch
HUMAN skirt
FETISH shades
from Hong Kong shoes

Notice another quick hat change? :P

Check out my HK vlog here :


  1. I love those skewers in HK! Just found your nieces blog after the comment on chictopia. She is adorable! Love your hello kitty post too!

    1. Thank you! And I know this reply is a little bit too late, but better late than never! <3

    2. Thank you! And I know this reply is a little bit too late, but better late than never! <3