Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wherever my heart takes me

 For some reason, my pictures are extra blurry today :/


 I'm not sure if it's noticeable, but I wore a dress underneath my lace top. This is the perfect option if you like the lace effect yet you don't want to feel bare naked.


 Yes, I'm wearing a skirt underneath my white mini dress.  Hmmm I'm unintentionally wearing too many layers =P


 Heart heels shoes and in animal print??? I must have died and went straight to fashion heaven! 


hype this look on lookbook here

 candy blazer - coltnava
lace top - fetish
white mini dress - tee box
pink skirt - coltnava
colorblock purse - prada
heart heels - bought online but forgot the site
clear bangle - hong kong
bracelets - sm


My heart-shaped heels is not as extraordinary as you think.  You may be surprised....


  1. Your outfit is cute and love the layering! And your shoes are perfect! <3

    I've heart-shaped shoes too, they're just a bit different. Though I saw shoes similar to yours when I was traveling in Tokyo and I wanted to buy them, but they didn't have my size. D:

  2. Thank you so much Krista! And awww too bad they didn't have your size :( Please take pics of you wearing your "slightly different" heart-shaped shoes though and link it to me, I'd love to see :)