Saturday, December 24, 2011


Merry Christmas world! =) <3

 the lace detail of my cardi and top reminds me of snowflakes. Although I'm not wearing anything red, but this look is a little christmas-y to me =)


 showing off the gorgeous detail of my outfit


hype my look on lookbook here

lace cardi - july
lace top - fetish
jeweled headband - coltnava
skirt - coltnava
lace knee-high stockings - zygen22
nude pumps - zygen22
bracelets and bangles - fetish


  1. Oh wow, I love all the colours! Were you inspired by fairy kei?

  2. Hi dear I just googled "fairy kei" and it's suuuuuuuuper cuuuuuuute :D I didn't know it existed until you asked me about it though lol Before I took this pic I just recently bought the lace top and everything started from there. I wore a lace cardi over it and it automatically reminded me of snowlakes :D and so yeah the rest is history :P I'm glad you liked it, thanx so much and happy holidayssss <3

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