Tuesday, December 13, 2011

oil canvas painting

So I read an article about posing. In order to appear longer or taller in photos, you have to...
1.) Put ur weight on 1 leg. 
2.) Position ur relaxed foot a few inches behind the foot carrying ur weight. 
3.) Slightly lift ur relaxed foot's heel. 
4.) You can do a little slouch (optional). 
5.) Don't forget to angle ur face.
and voila!!! 
How do I look?? Do I look like I'm 6 feet tall?? lol Hmmm okay maybe I do appear like half an inch taller in this photo =P what do ya think?


I love how it feels like I'm wearing an artwork --- literally! =) And do my cute headband remind you of wonder woman? =P


"All that glitters is not gold"


dress - chen chen
discoball clutch - sm
discoball bow belt worn as headband - bought in hong kong
cheetah bangle - bought in boracay
brown studded shoes - zygen22


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I bought this gorgeous dress because of it's quality, the fabric is super soft and comfy, I don't really own anything green so when I saw this dress, I decided to give it a go.  I never realized how it looked more like a canvas rather than a dress until I took a picture wearing it! (see pics above lol)

Here are some awesome oil canvas paintings.

How I wish I know how to paint =(


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