Wednesday, December 14, 2011

lace + hat

This is 1 of my fave dresses ever! =)


All the models are doing the "I have a tummy ache" pose, so why not do it too? =P


My niece, KC, told me that I looked like Maria Aragon when she first saw me wearing this hat lol
Although she's very cute and talented, I have to say that we look nothing alike PLUS I'm more than a decade older than her =P

But I get what my niece meant, Maria Aragon loves wearing hats and she also has long straight hair =)


The sheer pockets are such a cute surprise!


lace dress - bought in hong kong
bangles - sm
bowler hat - sm
nude pumps - zygen22


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When we talk about "lace dresses", we automatically think of wedding dresses and all other formal dresses. But we now live in a fashion world where lace dresses are made for everyday women to wear (awesome!)

Not only that, we can actually add casual accessories to the look without looking weird.  I definitely recommend to match your lace dress with a cute hat.  Check out these gorgeous girls....

This is NOT a new trend at all! But it is just now that I have the chance to talk about it :)


  1. that is a great looking dress - It has such a vintage feel to it. Love it. you look awesome and I think your niece is right :)

  2. haha really? :) well she's cute so that's a nice compliment ;) don't forget to hype this look on lookbook :) Thank you! :*

  3. That dress is really lovely and you look super cute! :)

    Those other looks are great too, gotta love the lace! :D