Sunday, December 11, 2011

can you feel the christmas breeze? :)

 can you believe that this christmas tree is made out of water bottles with food coloring on it? how smart! =)

 I wasn't mobbed or anything =P but for some reason, tattered clothes are "in" =)

 yes, I have fat fingers --- sue me! lol

I adore my nieces and nephew! <3

tattered knit sweater - fetish
green studded bag - guess
pink mini - coltnava
pink patent flats - so! fab
bangles and bracelet - fetish
cocktail ring - h&m

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It's no secret that it doesn't snow here in the Philippines (boooooo!), this place is known to its warm weather and gorgeous beaches. So everytime I feel the cool breeze, I grab my cute sweaters and strut with them as often as possible, I LOVE winter clothes and I secretly wish that I can wear them every single day. 

Check out these cute winter sweaters.

ok I have to stop! there's just wayyyy to many cute sweaters and if I have the patience and time I will post over a thousand of pics here! :P


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