Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Halalan 2016: My Outfit to Beat the Heat and Who Did I Vote For?

Most of the people I know have already given up in voting. They believed that they will just be wasting their time, standing for hours and hours while waiting for their turn to vote .The humidity and the scorching heat of the sun is not helping the already tough situation either, but I came prepared!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hong Kong Food Vlog 2016

I am probably the worst blogger ever existed in the history of blogging history! I totally forgot that I own a blog and I haven't updated this site for the longest time! So, to make up for the lost time I'm sharing to you guys my food trip when I was in Hong Kong last January, and I have no idea why I think that this old video can make up for my laziness as a blogger. Oh well. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013


Almost all asian women I know want lighter hair color. I, for one prefer my hair to be lighter, I just feel like it enhances my features, when I have dark hair I feel like a villain in a lousy movie.

I've discovered Palty more or less 2 years ago on www.ebay.ph, they were selling it for Php 650.00 - Php 750.00 per box (shipping fee not included) and during that time my hair was pretty long and I needed two boxes of Palty to cover everything up, I felt like it was too expensive for me (I'm cheap, just so you know lol) so I never really purchase this product even though I was in love with almost all the colors.