Friday, July 19, 2013


Almost all asian women I know want lighter hair color. I, for one prefer my hair to be lighter, I just feel like it enhances my features, when I have dark hair I feel like a villain in a lousy movie.

I've discovered Palty more or less 2 years ago on, they were selling it for Php 650.00 - Php 750.00 per box (shipping fee not included) and during that time my hair was pretty long and I needed two boxes of Palty to cover everything up, I felt like it was too expensive for me (I'm cheap, just so you know lol) so I never really purchase this product even though I was in love with almost all the colors. Then about a month ago, me and my family were strolling in our new and improved SM Department Store (Bacolod City) and there I saw my long lost love - Palty! I was so excited to not pay for the shipping fee like if I'll purchase online but I even got a super good surprise when I found out it was only sold for Php 499.00 at Watsons! Woot woot! *victory dance*

This is my current hair color, it's redish/brownish something. Please excuse my unruly hair, I didn't put on some conditioner this morning because based from personal experience, hair dyes lasts longer if applied to unconditioned hair.

I chose creamy caramel because it's not so vulgar like the blonde ones but at the same time it's not boring like the darker ones. Although I have to be realistic and not expect my hair to turn exactly like the cover because I'm pretty sure the models have bleached their hair before applying the product to get the perfect shade.

My favorite part! Haha..

The Palty hair dye kit -- too cute!

L-R: Instruction, Base water, Cream, Gloves/Instruction leaflet/Hair care solution, Mixing cup, Mixing spoon.

Something's cooking! For more than a decade that I've been dyeing my hair by myself, Palty has got to be the the easiest to apply! 10/10 stars! All you have to do is mix the product until foam appears, scoop the foam and apply directly onto hair then wait for 30-40 minutes, rinse and that's it! 

Result? Drum roll please.....

TA DA! I am soooooo satisfied! I will definitely stick to Palty for retouches and if I want to change colors, unless there's a better product in the future, but for now, Palty is my favorite! :)

Friday, March 29, 2013


I'm the master of late posts because this post is two months too late! (boooooooooo!)

Anyway, Mayo Wo of is one of my favorite bloggers! (I actually only have 2, the other one is Camille Co of I didn't get enough sleep the night before because I was way too excited to meet her and I was also not feeling well because of our crazy Disneyland trip.

We woke up a bit later than usual  and we were out and about to look for something to eat. So here I am wearing my trusty oversized shades to hide my oversized eyebags. 

I guess we arrived a little early because not all menus are posted up, but we just couldn't wait anymore because we were starving! I chose beef curry and rice :) Yum!

My new fave! Soooooo yummy! I needed my caffeine to keep me awake until my meet-up with Mayo Wo at 5:30pm.

Perfect match!

This is it! I'm going to meet Mayo Wo in more or less an hour!

I'm obviously enjoying these elevator selfies haha..

It was so hard to take outfit shots in Time Square because there were so many people!

See?? Ugh! Waaaaaa!

Okay, I'll just take a quick outfit shot at the railings. Please don't mind the man behind me lol :P

H&M blazer
COTTON ON buttondown
HUMAN skirt
H&M bag

She arrived! I have to say this was one of the highlights of my trip to Hong Kong. I was very anxious to meet her because I was worried I might not understand her accent and I will just stand there looking like a complete idiot doing a guessing game inside my head. Boy was I wrong! Her english was super fluent and her accent was awesome :) I should've anticipated this because I know she's a teacher. She was so nice and sweet and very pretty! I am now a bigger fan after meeting her face to face :)


This was 1 of our "normal" dinners. No sushi-go-round, no streetfood as a dinner replacement, no pizza,  just good ol' pinoy-style dinner where there's rice, fish and "pancit" (stir-fried noodles). Although the steamed fish was so fresh and delicious, I have to say that the Beef Pan fried noodles was the best hands down. The thin egg noodles was pan fried while fresh so that they get crispy and cooked through without needing to boil them first, and they serve as the perfect medium for absorbing the gravy as well. For those who are more adventurous, you can try the stir-FIRED frog lol I didn't dare ask if it was just a typographical error or do they really gun down the frogs while stirring :P Check out the other yummy food we ate in my vlog :

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The inspiration. Camille Co of

My version
Model : Ianah Marie N. Tiongco
Hair / Make-up / Stylist : Colt Nava

Essentials :
Animal print dress
Gold clutch

The outfit and bag are mine, I had to pin the dress from the back to fit Ianah perfectly.
Since Camille's dress have that gold thing on the neckline and mine don't, so I added a gold statement necklace instead.
Let's just pretend we didn't see Ianah's slippers haha...

Final touch-ups.
Trimmed the photo and edited the color to match Camille's sunny environment, then I blurred out the background.

So, what do you guys think? :)


The inspiration. Ed Westwick.

My version
Model : Adrian Paul N. Tiongco (my nephew)
Stylist : Colt Nava

Essentials :
White polo
Black necktie

I actually own the necktie :P See how glittery it is?

Final touch-ups
Blended the 2 photos and made the back photo a little faded.

So, what do you guys think? :)


The Inspiration. Some model from my ViVi Magazine.

My version
Model : Ianah Marie N. Tiongco (my niece)
Hair / Make-up / Stylist : Colt Nava

Essentials :
Net veil headpiece
Flower statement necklace
Black tank top

The necklace is actually Ianah's headband :P

Final touch-ups :
Flipped and trimmed the photo and cloned the background.
 I'm not a photoshopper so please excuse my editing skills.

So, what do you guys think? :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The official tagline for Disneyland is "The Happiest Place On Earth". And yep! They don't disappoint. I "almost" had a perfect day in our Disneyland journey except for one thing that I will reveal later, so keep on reading ;P

Ahhh... the disney MTR is all pimped out, everything is in disney theme, even the windows. How adorable! Say hello to Chip and Dale behind us. :D

A not-so hidden Mickey.

There's a funny story behind this picture, I know it's nothing unusual here, just three friends taking a picture in  a CR's huge mirror BUT we didn't know it wasn't allowed, so we ended up being yelled at by the lady janitor and she "shoo-ed" us using her mop. So basically, we were kicked out of the restroom lol how embarrassing is that?? 

Toy Story Land was the first of 3 new themed zones for the major expansion project at HK Disneyland. There are 3 rides at Toy Story Land and I'm proud to say that I was brave enough to try 2 of them :P Adults and brave children will enjoy RC Racer, it's a shuttle roller coaster that goes up and down a half-pipe track, I must admit I was fairly scared of this ride because it brought back memories of my childhood nightmare where I kept on falling from the sky! And then there's this seemingly childish and boring Toy Soldier Parachute Drop ride, we definitely underestimated this ride and we paid the price lol Watch us scream our hearts out in my vlog :

Scaredy cats.

Suuuuuper fake smile! haha. The anticipation was killing me!

And here's a much safer ride, but the waiting line was just insane! We waited for more or less an hour for a 10-15 minute drive. Sheesh!

I was wishing on a wishing well for Chinggay not to fall over lol It worked! :P

Tarzan's tree house.

I can eat cotton candies all day long! And yep, the handle lights up! So cool :D

Space Mountain. This is not a good ride for people with severe motion sickness [or lack of sleep like me]. Remember in the beginning I said there was an exception for this day to be perfect? Well this is the reason lol  It was a terrible idea that we've decided to ride this at the very end of our Disney adventure right before the famous fireworks. I was 100% sure that I will cry like a little baby when I'll see the fireworks and all but noooo my head was still spinning from the ride, so I didn't really bond with my inner child [thanx Russ and Chinggz for not letting me sleep the night before hmp! lol] The "EXIT" message wasn't posted there to creep you out or anything, it was actually a pretty good advice once you were in there and have doubts if you can handle the ride, I really should've listened to the little voice inside my head and backed out. If you're into space/galaxy themed roller coasters and had enough sleep, then this ride will be amazing! But me? that will be my first and last ride :P

This is our "we survived the rides" pose.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Eating mickey ice creams while waiting for the beautiful fireworks!

I didn't want to wear the typical Mickey ears, so I bought this cute hat a day before so I will stand out from the disney crowd :P 

From Hong Kong fox hat
COTTON ON buttondown 
H&M bag
ESPRIT pullover
CASIO watch
FETISH shades

Check out my HK vlog here :